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I'd never know when one of these document might save my ass until it happens so I just throw all kinds of stuff I have created in the past few years... labs, presentaitons, essays, short stories and other bunch of crap... Why do I do this? Because the idea behind communism: share and care...haha not really. I do it because I have no clue why I am doing it. (already mad...haha)


Some lame blog stuff here... One thing I believe about all these blog stuff is that you should always write with your blood, sweat and heart instead of your pen or keyboard... This displays more about the true part of me. Many of you gonna criticize about my style and grammar and logic but remember, this is just my way of expressing my ideas... I want to write... but without any limitataions and that's MY style... (although I know that's gonna make me fail my essay course in university)


When you become lost in this deep maze like website, you can alwaays come here to find the North... Soon the links on the map will be clearly established.


Welcome to my new site. I have planned to update this site for over almost a year now. Finally, I was able to get around all my busy life and touch up upon this holy ground. *_*. I have planned a lot things for this new site and I hope you will enjoy browsing through it just as much as I enjoyed creating it (not really ^o^).

P.S: Prizes for those who finds mistakes in this site.
P.S.S: There are some compatibility issue with newest version of IE and you'll have to click the top info bar and accept the blocked contents... They even block Javascript that utilize rollover image! STUPID MICROSOFT!! Highly recommand Firefox!!! THEY ROCK!

--- WindStalker

February 25 2006
Wow... look at how long I have slacked? lol... sigh... University life wasn't nearly as easy as I thought but heck... I survive this far, I figure the rest won't be too hard (except the exam of course). I'll try to pull something into this site to enrich it a bit... The past two months have taught me a LOT about life and I feel I have become a lot more mature than I was ever before... Interesting, University does force you to come out of your shell and fact life in a more hardliner approach.

December 14 2005
hehe... I am BACK. After killing all my exams, I am back with uncontrainted vigor. I'll definitely keep adding stuff to this site. Only now do I see how lucky am I to have a pretty home site like this... I just neet more color and stuff. then it'll be good. Updated journals and hidden objects. ^_^ Good treasure hunting.

November 29 2005
I kinow... I can't believe it either... 2 Months went by without me updating any bit. I feel bad for this site...T_T I'll try to update it a bit more during the Christmas after exam period. For now, I'll just update the critical parts.

September 25 2005
Awesome! I got the ancient audio logs back from my hard drive now. 2004 audio logs online.



Yup... that's right... I am heading back to the flash field. I'll never forget how much fun I had with it back when I just started to learning Flash... It's about tiem that I try out that experience again.


Images I found online or I photoed. I am not sure if they are copyrighted but I am just sharing them here with you people and hope you'll like most of them. I claim no copyright over all the pictures used here unless specified. Don't get me into legal problems, I don't have time nor effort for that crap.


The future is always bright and I am always looking forward to it. and the best way to be well-prepared for it is to make plans. Here are all my plans for the various time periods. Enjoy! (some of them are really stupid... haha)


Search the site to find that damned piece of information which you were so sure that was originallly found somewhere in my webs site... I am sure it's here, I am sure... ~_~


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