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Places I love

  • Prairies full of short grass and mountain in the farside, with no one around and pure blue sky above. (And hopefully, I am with the one I love)... it would better if the cool summer rain is dropping by too

Foods I love

  • Home made Spring Roll, a great traditional Chinese food modified by me and now it's just toodelicious. Got to eat it now.
  • BBQ
  • Pizza
  • Burger
  • Fried Chicken

Anything I cooked (see below...)
Hot Chicke & Onion

Colors I love

Blue, white and orange definiteily (why the site is in orange). Green and red would be the second ones.The las one would be black .

Flowers I love

  • Rose with purple and red and black color because it's the perfect gift for the one I love. I'll shower her with a sky full of those... haha... ouch.. ah...that's gonna hurt... ah... I am so cruel...hehe :P

Animals I love

  • Hamsters
    (never had one... love those furry little thing ^_^)
  • Rabbits
    (I use to have a rabbit but unfortunately, emm, an accident happened and my grandparents, emm , ate it... )
  • Cute animals like puppy
    (although I never had one because I am very very lazy when comes to taking care of animals... they'll most likely die in my hands...T_T).
Peple I love
  • My hardcore friends (as few as the Dodo birds...)
  • My parents (for taking care a lazy worm like me...)
  • The One, the Only: ???? ???, ;P

Books I love

  • Harry Potter Series:
    Love the way J.K. Rowling wrote that book but not that much to any characters. Lessons Learned: never believe in the fact you are special, there are way too many people as special as you out there.
  • Star Trek Series:
    Particularly in the Enterprise, Voyagers and Deep Space Nine. They taught me something very important: technology rules everything else...haha
  • Davinci's Code / Angels and Demons / Digital Fortress
    I love the mystery and solving them. Too bad I'm not smart enough to solve any of them before the book unfolds the answer. Important lesson learned: never try to solve a puzzle... find some other ways to waste your life
  • San Chong Men:
    A Chinese book written by a high school drop out. Sad and yet intriguing love story. Make me want to cry.
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Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...
Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...