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Yeah, that's right... I DO have a blog site running. However, at the current stage, the access to the blog is limited to a few individuals. You can try your luck here and see if you are one of those elite individuals. (for those enemies of mine... don't even bother trying...). I might decide to open it up when I deem the time as appropriate...

I recorded whatever I wanted there and through those entries, you'll gain a lot of knowledge about me. In a sense I treat my blog like a diary. Except that it's an open accessed diary (to close friends, of course). I hope that you'll like whatever I wrote in there (probably not though). I started this blog in the end of my G12. I started writing most of my entries during the sumer (mainly because I was really bored during work, in fact that's why this site was done... anyway, that's for About This Site section...)

Many believe that blog to be viewed by others while I still believe that blog is there to be viewed by me in the future to reflect upon it and rediscover the past me from a third-person perspective. So far, I enjoy writing it a lot and I hope you guys will enjoy reading it as much as well.

Oh, one last thing, POST A REPLY! If you don't reply, I'll lose my motivation to write more...haha (not really, I'll always write when I have time, not just for you guys.) :D


--- WindStalker

July 14th 2005

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Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...
Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...