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About This Site... Why did I create this site?


First of all, let me say this, I really appreciate you actually reading this because seriously, this section is more like a reminder to myself as to why I created this site in the first place and hopefully to motivate me to keep update and keep build this site as I have more time.

This can be said to be my first site ever built by me. I had an old website for around 3 years and that was the beta stage of this site. After all, I believe that everything good takes a long time to come. The basic structure of the site (aka, template) was done very early in 2005 back when I was taking my March break. However, as G12 become more and more intense, I had to stop working on the concept and focus on my study (not really.. probably because I was too lazy) Then... I got this summer job at Robarts and the work assigned to me is patheticly low so I had plenty of time to work on this with this soooo powerful and cool computer (known as ThingOne).

The purpose of this site is really to allow people to know more about me...(despite the fact that someone could almost replace me already with the information given here) but I believe, just like Belldandy is willing to believe, that the world is generally good and there is no such thing as identity thief nor pranksters who have nothing to do but to give troubles to others... I hope this site will serioulsy help you understand me better and maybe just maybe, I'll make another friend instead of enemy... :) Write to me if you want to be my friend...haha. Good luck. I sincerely hope you're enjoying this site.


--- WindStalker

July 14th 2005

That's right... it's copyrighted so no copy and use of contents without my permissions!
Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...
Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...