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Last Name: = Ding

No particular meaning.

First Name: = Yang

Meaning positive and also anything related to the Sun.

MSN Icon

I only use certain types of icons.

(Top) Normal Condition
(Mid Left) Crying Blood...
(Mid Right) Crying Blood Past tense..Healing
(Bot Left) Crying Blood Ghostly
(Bot Right) Cryign Blood Inverse Reality + Burned

My Logo


  • Yang Yang:
    Mom always called me this when back I was little... actually, she still does that sometimes now.
  • Tiger:
    because that's my chinese zodiac
  • Plasma:
    because it's scientific and cool (not really, since most people think of's ionized gas people!)
  • WindStalker:
    because I like to chase wind and that's also that name sounds very smooth... plus, I was able to get a domain name with that so call me this....^_^
Precious Personal Possession:

A jade (fake most likely) amulet I have worn for the past 5 years almost. You know, I never wore anything THIS long before. I intend to wear it for the short duration of my life.



The Chinese character carved on it means "endurance", "to tolerate" "to forgive and forget" or "to bear". This amulet constantly reminds me to be more patient, more tolerate and nicer to people around me and to be much more ready to endure. Because of it, I was able to suffer through some really tough time in my life. According to some sect of tradition Chinese belief, once a wearer has been wearing a jewelry for a long enough period, the piece of jewelry will gain souls of its own based on the wearer. I wonder what the soul lives within the amulet will be? Gentle and kind from my light side or cruel and merciless as my dark side?! Hmm... Interesting.

Home Page Domain Name
(if you don't know this then how the heck did you get here?)
Drop a line here folks. lol


Yu Shin Ko
Come back to visit my blog from time to time...hehe

Post Code
N5V 4G8
934 Chippewa Drive, London Ontario
Email Address
  • dyt811====AT====hotmail=====DOT====com
  • dyt812====AT====yahoo====DOT====ca (not dyt811!)
  • dyt811====AT====gmail====DOT====com
  • yding26====AT====uwo====DOT====ca
  • Home: 519-452-0015
  • Mom's Cell: Don't call unless emergency. 859-1886


1986 November 18th
  • Communism
    (NOT the type in USSR, NOT the type in China and definitely NOT the type in North Korea... I am talking about the TRUE ideal communism here... NO ONE has ever achieved this... It probably won't be achieved in another few thousands of years)
  • The existence of Justice, goodness and goddess
  • Many of my thoughts are greatly influenced by Christian I admit. However, I personally believe it's more important to do good deed and benefit others than to worship the ONE who already has so many worshipper. I believe it's more important to carry out the goal of god if he/she does exist: to make the world a much happier place for people to live... A land of joy through our action instead of our worship and prayers. Plus, there has been too many blood on the hand of the wrong doings of past Chirstians. The Nine Crusades and all those killings in the name of God. No greater miseries have been produced.


Male (duh? Do I look female to you? I don't think so...=_=)


168CM (below average..but guess what? I react faster...haha...not really +_+)


Varies greatly depending on season. Usually 80-85kg. YEAH! HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION! lol


Chinese Canadian

Chinese Zodiac

Tiger (probably why I like meat so much...)


Scorpio (sigh... the lonely one)


None (hopefully to have one soon)

Blood Type:

O (probably negative)

Birth Place

A small city called Macheng, about 3 hours drive from the City of Oven, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Pet Peeves
  • "Frictionless" shoelace... X_X (always gets me into trouble)
  • Shoveling snow filled drive way

Family Member

  • Mom:
    Very friendly. Hard on me but always treat me very well. She works way too hard for my future. I'll pay her back one day, I promise.
  • Dad:
    Even more friendly and kind. He's the greatest. He comes from a small village yet he's able to get out from there and make a life that's more than amazing.. Dad, you ROCK! I'll forever remember what you have done and sacrificed for me.
  • No sis or bro. Wish/Beg/Hoped I have a small sis though. :(
  • 4 siblings. 2 Male, 2 Female
  • 1 from My father's sister
  • 3 from my mother's brothers
  • Among Diablo Universe:
  • Among Nox Universe:
  • Among Star War Universe:
    Light Class
  • Among reality:
    Geek, Nerd, Brainiac
  • Among Classmates:
    The Silent Cold Icy Guy
  • Among Friends:
    "That funny nerdy guy who always pretend to be cool but sometimes funny in his own geeky way... a neo classical clown."
  • Among Teachers:
    That lazy student who always manage to do well in exam and avoid punishment by handing stuff a sec before deadline.
  • Among my own world:
    My own God... Ruthless, passionate yet cruel...
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Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...
Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...