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About Me... Everything you want to know about me is probably in here...


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Things I do:

  • Sit in front of computers (XXX-tremely strong).
  • Writing Blogs & Diaries. (XXX-tremely strong)
  • Watching TV (only when ST:Voyager or good movies are showing.
  • Chatting with friends (XXX-tremely strong)
  • Reading News online
  • Being lazy and slack off
  • SLEEP! (All time favourite...)
  • Playing Computer Games!
  • Reading novels (especially my favourite ones)
  • Painting, the most scary thing in the world is what I am drawing. Anyone who saw it either flee away before they die or just didn't make it out alive...

Things I like to do

  • Web Design
  • Flash Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Chatting with Friends (on/off line)
  • Play Computer Games
  • Cycling
  • SLEEP (favourite thing right now)
  • Watch Oh My Goddess TV + Comic + Movie
Things I am
looking forward to:
  • University (e.t.r: 1.5 months)
    University is NOT so cool... just more freedom
  • Earth 2160 (e.t.r: 2 months)
    It's not really that good you know... a bit disappointed.
  • Quake 4
    Awesomely good
  • Oh My Goddess TV Season II (e.t.r: 1 year)
  • Yiruma's Next Album (e.t.r: unknown...)
  • Two Mix's next Album (e.t.r: unknown...)
  • Med School (e.t.r: 4 years)
    Nah... not seirously interested in it anymore...T_T
  • First Girlfriend (e.t.r: 1 decade)
  • First Full Time Job (e.t.r: 1 decade)
  • First French Kiss (e.t.r: 1.5 decades)
  • Death (e.t.r: 17.5 years)
  • Bora's Marriage (e.t.r: 2 decades)
    Highly doubt that I'd live that long... +_+
  • First Marriage (e.t.r: 2 decades)
  • My Own House (e.t.r: 2 decades)
  • First "Ceremony" (e.t.r: 2 decades)
  • Becoming a father : (e.t.r: 2.5 decades)
Things I am not
looking forward to:
  • First Year University Exam (e.t.r: 8 months)
  • First Argument with my beloved wife: (e.t.r: 2 decades + 1 month)
  • Energy Crisis: (e.t.r: 3 decades)
  • The death of close friends (e.t.r: 3 decades)
  • World War III: (e.t.r: 5 decades)
  • Parents' Passing (e.t.r: 5 decades)
  • Post Industrial Stone Age: (e.t.r: 3000 years)
Things on My Wish List
  • Wacom Tablet (man... those are dead-on partners with Photoshop)
  • Laptop: Inspiron XPS Gen2 or Toshiba Tecra M4
    (Got one really good one already...)
  • Ultra Bright High Definition Multimedia Projector
  • External DVD +/-Burner
  • A Deck of Gypsy Tarot Card
  • That's all...

Things I hate to do

  • Clean up very dirty stuffs
  • Waiting
  • Argue with people (I never win....T_T, actually because it hurts me so much to argue with the people I cared for..)

Things I am afraid of

  • Eaten by Dinosaures
  • Eaten by Shark
  • Eaten by wild animals
  • Eaten by pit bulls
  • Eaten by alien
  • Being tortued
  • High place
Things I absolutely can't tolerate
  • Betrayl of ANY kind
    That would result the abolishion of ANY kind fo relationship, friendly term, trade agreement or anything like those. Once I found out, it's over, over and over. Then another enemy is born out of old relationship..V_V


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Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...
Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...