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People I admire/respect deeply:
  • Agent J & K from "Man In Black" Series
    because: Professionism
  • Kira Yamato from "GundamSeed"
    because: Innocence + capabilities + skills
  • Bill Gates
    not because the fact that he's rich but because of the way he treats his own wealth and how he managed his own life. A TRUE man who can raise above this plane of existance in the world of material reality.
  • Captain Janeway, Sisko, Picard from "Star Trek Universe"
    because: unique qualities that made them captains
  • "Boss" from "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater"
    because: Her patriotism and her spirit of a warrior. She's willing to sacrifice for her country even being humilated and forever remembered as a traitor.
  • "Naked Snake" (A.K.A: "Big Boss") and Solid Snake
    because: They are the best definition of true warrior. Cold, ruthless. I always consider myself to be a warrior (although I can't really fight much, probably learned too much from Klingons...^_^) They are "the men who makes the impossible possible".
  • Bat Man: Why? Because he's always alone and he's always very level-headed and smart. He's perhaps the only hero without unearthly superpowers yet he sometimes is better than other heros. For that, he's also my favourite hero.
  • Sam Fisher from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
    because: his bravery and courage. His skill and sense of dark humour never cease to amaze me. He's THE MAN.
  • Max Qi
    because: he works harder than an ox
  • Max Payne from "Max Payne II"
    because: calmness and manly lol.
  • Tyrael, the angel from "Diablo 2"
    because: the aura of an angel, the unique nobleness of an angel
  • The Marine, main character from "Doom 3"
    because: his bravery, skill and courage
  • Mr. Richer from LCSS
    because: he taught me Physic in life and life in Physics.
  • Mr. Pigeon from LCSS
    because: he taught me the purpose of hard work
  • Mr. Harris from LCSS
    because: he taught me mark is useless when compared with knowledge
  • Bora You:
    because: rarely had I seen such kind and pure soul these days in reality. It's sad that our pathes have deviated from each other. However, I know I believe and I convince myself that wherever she is, she'll be in a good hand and having wonder and peaceful life full of love. ^_^ , hey, she's got my personal blessing + praying you know!
  • Belldandy:
    because: she gave me hopes and she represent the ideal pure perfection of soul in an ideal world. Unfortunately, hasn't seen anyone that would resemble her more than 30%. =_=...sigh...
People I had a crush on:
  • Na Duan (Jan 9 2001)
  • Huijue Zhang (August 22 2003)
  • Bora You (June 31 2005)
People I would hope that never existed in this world in the first place:
  • George Bush (both of them)
  • Bin Ladin
  • Sadam Hussan
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Zedong Mao
  • Mingze Jiang
  • Xiaopin Deng
People I am willing to trust my life with
  • Bora You
  • Huijue Zhang
  • Yiran Yu
  • Zhen Zeng
  • Max Qi

People I like :
(In random order)

  • Yiran Yu:
    for listening to me when I most wanted to be listened. Thank you!
  • Yinan Wang (David):
    for helping me out when I most need his help and competing with me in school and taught me the lesson that talent is nothing when come to hard work
  • Huijue Zhang:
    for always communicate with me and made my summer one of the best period in my life; for being so nice to me even after what I have done to her
  • Bora You:
    for choosing me as her international business project partners two times in a row and allow me to get to know her a lot better by becoming one of her best friends; for always communicate with me and made 2005 one of the best (worst? lol) period in my life.
  • Zhen Zeng:
    for having probably the most innocent and pure spirit in all the people I have seen
  • Renjun Zhu:
    for inspiring me to be ever more competitive
  • Yuan Qi (Max):
    for teaching me the lesson regarding the importance of hard work in life
  • Belldandy:
    for teaching me the true untainted, idealistic and realistic meaning of love, kindness and gentleness; for shining a light into the so called "dark" world that I see before me and show me perhaps there is perhaps still hope and something pure left for this condamned sinnful world
  • Everyone who loved me and cared about me:
    for without them, I'll never be the me today. They showed me the the fact that life can be good if you try to embrace it with your arm and like Belldandy said, Open Your Mind...

People I hate:

  • ANYONE who dares to try to betrayed me.
  • Noisy people. (If I am not in a good mood I'd start bashing them to death)
  • Rude folks
  • David Wang when he starts whining like crazy
  • Show off nerds (me?)
  • Nosy people...(what's wrong with you? nothing else to do other than nosing around other people's business? get lost...D_D)
  • All my enemies (you should know who you are)
  • All my nemesis (you should definitely know who you are)
  • Due to the deep hatred that's between these people above and me, I prefer not to list their names here. Beside, I consider this place as a holy ground and I would rather not seeing their names taint this place...
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Come on in and check out my studio site Come on in and check out my Studio site...